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Midori Productions

I'm currently just starting out in video editing and hope to earn the respect of others in the area. Most of my influences and members that I often look to study from and gain knowledge in the area include MeriC of Temple of Trunks, VegettoEX, dokidoki, and various others of the field.

In my approach to videos and in how I rate them, I don't care so much about "at such and such sec you didn't start such and such," my concern in video is "did the video speak to you," "did the idea or plot of the video get across," or "did it envoke the desired emotion," These are what I look for in good AMVs. Of course, that's just me.

FOOTAGE: Godzilla/Gamera
MUSIC: WWF SmackDown! '99
GENRE: Action

Review the Video
After some final tweaking, I've gotten this one down to where I'm finally happy with it. What really looking to just have some fun with this one. I see so few G-Videos actually play with video spped and make it work, so I decided to give it a shot. I may try sending this into G-Fest and see what happens. =P The YouTube version of this video suck on quality, so I HIGHLY recommend to direct download above.

FOOTAGE: Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)
MUSIC: P.O.D. vs The Crystal Method -
Sonic CD (US) -
  Sonic Boom (Closing Theme)
GENRE: Action

Review the Video
After finally aquiring high enough quailty videos of the series (thanks to Coxy1987) I was able to produce a music video to my favorite US series. This will be remade as soon as I get the DVD source from the new SatAM Boxset.

FOOTAGE: Original Production
MUSIC: Da Vinci's Notebook's - The Gates
GENRE: Comedy, Computer Terminology

Review the Video
This is my first true step into animation, as my Adv. Photoshop final was using Photoshop and Premiere to create a short animation 15-45 secs (so I stretched it to 50 =P). The teacher had in mind something along the lines of a Monty Python and the Holy Grail's Animation, what came to mind for me was a style similiar to FLCL's manga scenes. I found it amusing though I was the only one in class who actually told a story. NOTE TO AUDIENCE: There will be a new complete version of this in the future, There's been enough of a demand that I feel it would definitely be worthwhile to pursue a comtinuation. ^_^ Download the full song from iTunes.

FOOTAGE: Sonic CD, Sonic Anime
MUSIC: Audiovent - Gravity
PREMIERED: 12-30-2K2
GENRE: Action
Review the Video
Before I say anything, this is a remake of the original concept of Creed91101, props go to him for the idea. Anyway my 2nd AMV took a more upbeat tone. After seeing the original, I loved the concept and thought it had a huge amount of potential with some more editing. So I went and ripped the new GameCube footage of the Sonic CD movies from Sonic Mega-Collection and scenes from Sonic Anime to round out the video. The 2nd half of the Sonic CD video has a framerate error due to the fact that's the way it was encoded in the Gamecube port. Anyway hope you guys like it, even though this'll probably kill my orginality score. LOL.

FOOTAGE: Saber Marionette J
MUSIC: Rascal Flatts - I'm Movin' On
GENRE: Character Profile/Serious
Review the Video
HUGE SERIES SPOILERS: Well this will be my first AMV, so any feedback on what you think would be much aprieciated. Anyway, after seeing SMJ for the first time, I honestly loved the series for the ending. It felt like it literally ripped my heart. The only problem I had was the last 2 minutes of the series where the writers basically sad, "Ok, we made it too sad, we'll make it a happy ending." Granted it lead to J Again and J2X, but that's beside the point. And so I made this video to show Otaru losing the girls and and trying to move on with life. I tried to focus on storytelling and timing as best as I could.