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My old Engineering Modeling final project. We had to design a Trash Can, not like a heavy duty one, something you'd find in a designer bathroom or something. Wish I hadn't turned down the shadows so much, otherwise I feel it would be perfect. Of course, I'm damn lucky I got it rendered, this is back when I was on my 233Mhz, took 72 hours to render. X_x
    MEDIUM:     Rhinoceros 3D 2.0 - Flamingo l Spring 2K1
This was my first freestyle modeling project for Rhinoceros in Engineering Modeling. I decided to do a PC case similiar to the one I eventually used for NeoDreamcast. So I added a swinging door to the slide-out motherboard tray I have. The render unfortunately looks like crap, I know the model is sound, but I wouldn't get the hang of rendering until the final XD
    MEDIUM:     Rhinoceros 3D 1.1 l Spring 2K1
A view for the sliding tray
    MEDIUM:     Rhinoceros 3D 1.1 l Spring 2K1
This fan model was a class project made for Hunter Ceiling Fans. It was really cool to do a project that was going to be sent into an actual company. Again unfortunately, the render's crap, but I was getting closer this time.
    MEDIUM:     Rhinoceros 3D 1.1 l Spring 2K1
UUGH!!! Just awful!! Why do I even have this here proving I did it?!!!
    MEDIUM:     Rhinoceros 3D 1.1 l Spring 2K1