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Current Projects Legend
"___% Drawn" = Sketched In Pencil
"Inked" = Pen and Ink Added
"Photoshopped" = Pic Completed
"DA" = Posted and Viewable on DeviantArt
" * " = Likely To Be In Next Update

Commissions Stage of Production Requested By

New Art Stage of Production
*Megaman/Rockman X and Zero Series* Yet to be Drawn
*Old School Series* Yet to be Drawn
*Revamp Godzilla Series* Yet to be Drawn
*Anime Series* Yet to be Drawn
Justin vs. The Orcs of Walmart 100% Drawn*
Niji Yet To Be Drawn
Sonic's Mecha-Family Yet To Be Drawn
Knuckles Family Yet To Be Drawn
Justin Comic Yet To Be Drawn
Knuckles Reckoning: Page 18 90% Drawn*
TLA Staff 2 60% Drawn*
Rina Cat Yet To Be Drawn*
T2 Yet To Be Drawn*
Kixxy 2 Yet To Be Drawn*
Firebird 3 Yet To Be Drawn*
DarcNiGHT 100% Drawn*
Darc, Bug, Justin 100% Drawn*
4 Julie-su pics 100% Drawn*
Lady Laguna 100% Drawn*
Kait Sith Yet To Be Drawn*
Todd Saiko Yet To Be Drawn*
Ordering Out Yet To Be Drawn
The General Lee 02 Returns!! Yet To Be Drawn
NoOman Yet To Be Drawn
Espirit Kidnahog Yet To Be Drawn
Rayne Yet To Be Drawn
Nadia Yet To Be Drawn
Zephyon Yet To Be Drawn
Goku Yet To Be Drawn
Vegeta Yet To Be Drawn
Piccolo Yet To Be Drawn

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