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This......was a nightmare.....I have never seen my 1GB of RAM read 0.....Worked at 600dpi for the entire project, to restore an old photo and simulate real-life color.....This was soooo much work it's not even funny. But I did win the EGDE Show again with it. ROCK! I pray family doesn't start asking me to do something like this often, I don't even want to imagine 52-hour restores like this for nothing.
    MEDIUM:     Adobe Photoshop CS l 14x19.25 l 4-23-2K4
My SIGGRAPH Converstion Poster submission. One of the first assignments I had this year for Advanced Photoshop. The theme this year was "Unification", so i decided to use reproduce Picasso's Guitarist digitally as a way of showing traditional and digital art working as one, and to re-enforce the idea, I originally was going to make the final image in a puzzle. But the idea fell through in the designing process. Then during the critique, the class suggested the idea of replacing the guitar with something else. A keyboard immediately came to mind. When I was done I had a bit of a dead area left so I added a Wacom as well. Original "Old Guitarist" ©Pablo Picasso
    MEDIUM:     Adobe Photoshop CS l 14x11 l 2-12-2K4
This photo-editing exercise was absolutely awesome. I'm definitely gonna play more with this exercise. This effect is accomplished basically by using a combination of Color Dodge, Inverting colors and Guassian Blur. The rest you render either just like cell shading or you can try a more painted look, it's really up to you.
Tutorial - Photoshop 7 Artistry - ch35
    MEDIUM:     Adobe Photoshop CS l 4x5 l 1-27-2K4
Couple of my first projects for Advanced Digital Imaging. These are some very nice tutorials on creating some painted FX in Photoshop. This is a sunset shot I took awhile back. The object of this was to help you to become more familiar with layer masks, gradients, and creating custom brushes. Extremely fun project. I love it when I get to work with both digital and traditional ideas in mind at the same time.
Tutorial - Photoshop 7 Artistry: Ch35
    MEDIUM:     Adobe Photoshop CS l 4x5 l 1-26-2K4
This is what happened when you one have free time and two have way to many PC games laying around your room with either broken jewel cases or no case at all. Sooo, this is a DVD box art series for my computer, NeoDreamcast, I've made to alleviate the problem. Megaman/Rockman X © Capcom
    MEDIUM:     Adobe Photoshop 7.0 l 7.25x10.75 l 5-13-2K3
This was my first Photoshop project for my Digital Imaging class, make my own cover of TV Guide. I decide to do an Anime special. Now that I can, I see where I should use alittle vector and do a better job of rebuilding images for printing and using higher resolution.
    MEDIUM:     Adobe Photoshop 5.5 l Spring 2K1
This is 1 of 3 pieces of a CD cover I made in Digital Imaging. This is at least what I thought the XBox cover would look like at the time. Anyway, the cover is based on a Quake III mod, Bid For Power, a Dragonball Z port. Rebuilding all the characters from internet art was a nightmare, and now I know it didn't have to be. Ah well, that the learning experience.
    MEDIUM:     Adobe Photoshop 5.5 l Spring 2K1
The underlying background for the Bid For Power cover.
    MEDIUM:     Adobe Photoshop 5.5 l Spring 2K1
The back of the Bid for Power cover.
    MEDIUM:     Adobe Photoshop 5.5 l Spring 2K1
This was a project for an original magazine, however you can probably guess what week it was assigned. It was a project that at least helped me cope with a extremely rough point in my life.
    MEDIUM:     Adobe Photoshop 5.5 l Spring 2K1
Another Photoshop project, a movie poster for Ghostbusters 3.
    MEDIUM:     Adobe Photoshop 5.5 l Spring 2K1
A classmate way back when I was just starting school asked me to make up a logo design for his band. So I churned out alittle something for him.
    MEDIUM:     Adobe Photoshop 5.5 l Fall 2K