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Met another local artist ^_^ and a very talented one at that! Richard we were comparing drawings and he was kind enough to add a sketch to my book.
    Arcais l 1-16-2K4
LOL didn't find this til about a day later. While I was up in Fairfax again, I was messing around doing my RP's Character Sheet in my new sketchbook. Julie musta sneaked in a pic while I went to work on my PC / DDRed or something =P.
    Jen Aside l 12-28-2K3
A trade with Terry Mouse while I was at Kaincon this year. He remembered me saying something about my Soul Calibur II arcade tournaments and went with it. XD that's just dirty.
   Terry Mouse l 11-7-2K3
Gift art from my classmate Tcat Rutherford.
    Tcat Rutherford l 7-4-2K3 l
LMAO, it never ends......
Lady Laguna did a wonderful job with this, I'd never admit to it, but alotta people I know would say the corner panel is VERY accurate.
     Lady Laguna l 7-2-2K3 l
Cool little Rendition by Jamie Swiftrunner.
    Jamie Swiftrunner l 4-13-2K3 l
SA/Sonic X style Justin by Froc, o@ damn he got good quick.
    Dragoon Frocta l 4-13-2K3 l
Return gift art from That Guy in the Hat. Love his stuff. We be PSOing, and kickin' ass I may add XP.
    That Guy in the Hat l 4-10-2K3
Now that's sweet, even threw lil' Brit in there too ^^. by PikaKitty.
    PikaKitty l 4-10-2K3
YAY! More FB cuteness ^^. Great stuff from Firebird as always.
    Firebird l 2-28-2K3 l
Me by DarcNight...of course, he's talking smack about my wrath again, when will I learn just to keep my mouth shut around him. LOL(never).
    DarcNight l 2-9-2K3 l
Nice gift art from Countess Razoff. Love the powerpose =P.
    Countess Razoff l 1-27-2K3
Just what I need....another hat thief....Mortae again XP.
    Mortae Echidna l 12-23-2K2 l
More gift art from Mortae Echidna.
    Mortae Echidna l 12-6-2K2
TLA Widges by Firebird.
    Firebird l 9-25-2K2 l
What is it with all the ladies hitting on me lately o@? I need to do lonely pics more often XD. by Catsy.
    Catsy l 8-28-2K2
This was a pic a friend from school did for me for helping her out. Justin by Meridith Hodges.
    Meridith Hodges l 7-9-2K2
Me in one of Mortae's Fan Fics. By Mortae Echidna.
    Mortae Echidna l 7-27-2K1
I guess this is what happens whe you do what's up in the corner of this pic. By Mortae Echidna.
    Mortae Echidna l 2K1
Thanks for the B-day pic Kam.
    Kam la Dolly l 2K1