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Neon Dragon just keeps getting better. I love the coat.
    Neon Dragon l 2K1
Well, this is.....nice. Thanks. Ray the Fox© is Raygirl.
    Raygirl l 2K1 l
Justin by David.
    David l 2K1
An Art Exchange of Justin with Kam.
    Kam la Dolly l 2K1
Another pic from Neon Dragon. Wow, she's really improving. I wish I knew what you guys are doing in Photoshop that I'm not.
    Neon Dragon l 2K
Tundra Solo's 2nd pic of me. She so sweet.
    Tundra Solo l 2K
Justin by Moreta Echidna.
    Moreta Echidna l 2K
Justin by the TLoB.
    TLoB l 6-16-2K
A Pic Exchange of Justin from Tundra Solo.
    Tundra Solo l 2K
Justin by the AndyMaN.
    AndyMaN l 2K
A Pic Exchange of Justin from Seletial.
    Seletial l 2K
A Pic Exchange of Justin from sk8.
    Sk8 l 2K
A Pic Exchange of Justin from Jetski Waverunner.
    Jetski Waverunner l 2K
"A Country Boy Can Survive!" Heh! I hope you guys don't think I'm getting too redneck! Justin is by Ice Flare.
     Ice Flare l 2K
Wow! A b-day pic from Keishychan.
    Keishychan l 2K
Awww! I was a cute little guy, wasn't I. Baby Justin is by Firebird.
    Firebird l 1999
Justin by Scary Mary. She even threw in my truck. The girl must be after my own heart.
    Scary Mary l 1999
It's me and the original version of Nik Manic, courtacy of Firebird.
    Firebird l 1999
Wow! Another pic from Firebird! She's so sweet.
    Firebird l 1999
A Pic Exchange of Justin from Neon Dragon.
    Neon Dragon l 1999
A Pic Exchange of Justin from Tony64.
    Tony64 l 1999
A Pic Exchange of Justin with Psyguy back in the day.
    Psyguy l 1999
Nooo! Anything but my hat! Heh! Justin, Roxanna-Le, and her pet by Roxanna-Le.
    Roxanna-Le l 1999
Justin by Venus Flytrap.
    Venus Flytrap l 1999
Justin by Melissa Kwee, easily one of my favorite artists. I believe this is one of the last requests she did.
    Melissa Kwee l 1999